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Thank-you so much for taking care of our place

Thanks for talking with me today about the sale of our cabin. While exciting to be on to new adventures there is no doubt that we will miss it.

I also wanted to thank-you so much for taking care of our place and helping over the years.
Our time working with you has been very good and we wouldn't hesitate to refer your business or even to use you again in the future. You just never know!

Thanks again for all your service over the years. We'll keep in touch and if anything changes regarding the close I will let you know ASAP.

P.S. Please also convey a warm "thank-you" to the staff, I don't have her email or I would send it myself. She has been a godsend since you brought her onboard, and we have been very appreciative of her local touch. – Roger, Woodinville, WA

Manager's Response

We ahte to see you go, you have been great people to work with. It’s a nice home and guests have loved staying in it. - Trina