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These Terms & Conditions are a contract between the publisher of this website and those who register here for a lodging managers programs. Those who register on this website agree to the following. There are two parts to this contract:

Part #1 Website Use - These terms and conditions govern the use of the website for anyone who access the website.

Part #2 Varoom Cooperative Agreement - In these Terms and condition, owners of timeshare units grant the publisher the right to offer their available dates for rent to guests on the "Varoom Coop" program.

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THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS govern and are a part of the "Varoom Cooperative Agreement" ("Agreement") between Manager who operates this website, and Owner ("Client") for Lodging Facilities ("Unit(s)") managed and operated exclusively by Client. Unless otherwise agreed in writing there are no other representations or conditions; and in the event of a conflict between the Agreement and these Terms and Conditions the Agreement will supersede.

(1) RELATIONSHIP. Client hereby appoints Manager as its non-exclusive representative "Booking Agent" to market and book Client’s Unit along with its contents, and any appurtenant common elements (all of which referred to as "Unit" or "Units") and to do so for any of Unit available dates which are not already booked. It is understood that Client and Manager operate independently of each other and neither may make requirements of the other except as provided for in this Agreement.

(2) MANAGER DUTIES. In consideration for Client’s willingness to enter into this Agreement, Manager agrees to:

(A) Reasonable Efforts. Use reasonable efforts to obtain guests for Unit, secure confirmed guest rental contracts ("Confirmed Bookings," "Bookings" or "Confirmations") using Manager’s forms and contracts, collect all rents and other charges relating to rental on behalf of Client and remit to Client payment for rents or other fees as further defined in this Agreement.

(B) Listing & Sales. Keep Unit active in its list of available lodging ("Listings"), record and track occupancy of the Unit by Manager’s Guests booked and, as Manager determines, offer it to prospective guests whose criteria match Unit attributes, through Manager’s sales representatives, Networks and affiliates if any. Manager will maintain a calendar for the Unit onto which Bookings made by Client and Manager will be recorded.

(C) Advertising & Marketing. Include Unit in its reservation inventory for possible Booking by Manager guests including amenities, rates, and availability; and may include marketing messages, images, graphics, references rates and availabilities for the Unit in Manager’s and Networks’ marketing efforts such as Websites, email messages, letters, pamphlets, brochures, newsletters, photos, slide shows, videos, presentations, poster, etc. The availability of Unit may be distributed to other websites and travel agents over Internet and Global Distribution Services (GDS) and orders accepted from such sources, providing the GDS Fees and payment to the agents is paid by Manager. Usually Manager’s marketing plans reference general geographic areas and Unit may or may not, at Manager’s discretion, be included by name or specific reference. The nature and extent of such marketing will be at Manager’s discretion. Advertising may be undertaken under Manager’s name, Networks or other parties.

(D) Marketing Materials. Providing the Agreement calls for the Client to pay Manager a Set-Up Fee, Manager will include marketing messages, descriptions, attributes, images, graphics and references to the Unit in Manager’s general and Network marketing such as websites, email messages, letters, pamphlets, brochures, newsletters, photos, slide shows, videos, presentations, posters, etc. If no Set-up Fee is paid, Manager may undertake marketing as it sees fit. In the event that the Unit design, furnishings, fixtures or decoration are altered Manager may revise its marketing effort and request that Client pay a fee for doing so; but Client may decline those services.

Usually Manager’s marketing plans reference general geographic areas and Unit may or may not, at Manager’s discretion, be included by name or specific reference. The nature and extent of such marketing will be at Manager’s discretion. Advertising may be undertaken under Unit name, Manager’s name, Networks or other parties Manager designates.

To avoid possible confusion and adverse impact on Manager and Network marketing, Properties, and Unit marketing, will not be removed from Networks, directories, catalogues, websites or other Internet listings until such time and if Manager determines that doing so will not result in loss of marketing, advertising, internet or technical benefits to Manager.

(E) Guest Qualification. Seek out prospective Guests; try to determine those that are responsible and financially qualified, and to book as many dates as possible at the highest rates. However, due to the nature of dealing with the general public, the short amount of time between Guest inquiry and Booking, the reluctance of Guests to provide detailed data for short term use, and the effect of economic and other factors, Manager makes no representation as to the number of dates that may be occupied or the rates that may be achieved or the character or behavior, credit worthiness of persons who choose to use the Unit.

(F) Inspections. May cause its personnel to periodically conduct inspections of the Unit upon reasonable notice to Client. In the event that Manager finds a Unit unsatisfactory, it may remove the Unit from its list of available lodging until such time as the Unit meets Clients satisfaction or may request that Client take corrective action as quickly as reasonably possible to return the Unit to good condition. Manager cannot guarantee that Guests booked by Manager will not cause damage or remove objects from the Unit and will not be responsible to Client for any such losses; but Manager will cooperate with Client to assess guest culpability and facilitate collection of costs and damages from Guests.

(G) Service Personnel. Hire, recruit, train and supervise the personnel or vendors necessary to prudently market and book the Unit and to account for and report on Bookings of the Unit ("Services"). Such services include marketing, sales, accounting, purchasing as further defined herein.

(H) Communications. Communicate with Guests for all purposes such as sales, operations, cleaning, problems and damages; and to send them occupancy instructions and other information Manager determines may be necessary to complete Bookings to the satisfaction of Guests. It is also Manager’s goal to respond to Client inquires quickly. However Manager can best achieve its duties by devoting the majority of its time to serving Guests and marketing Unit. On occasion, Client may not receive immediate response or service if the demands of Guests or the Unit are pressing.

(I) Policies & Procedures. Establish general verbal and sometimes written operating policies and procedures with regard to marketing and booking of the Unit.

(j) Licensing. Manager and members of Networks that Manager may employ are or will become licensed and authorized to conduct business in the geographic area as may be required by law. Manager may contract with Network Members and other parties to perform some or all of the Manager’s duties, except overall supervision.

(3) PROPERTY. It is the objective of Manager to represent well-maintained, adequately equipped, quality accommodations. Therefore:

(A) Description. Client has legal authority to book or manage the rentals of the Unit as described in the Agreement and authorizes Manager to advertise and sell lodging rental of those Unit in accordance with this Agreement.

(B) Start Up. At the commencement of this Agreement, Manager is authorized to market and accept Bookings for Client’s Unit, unless otherwise limited by mutual written agreement of the parties. In the event that Client gains or loses the right to offer Unit for rental, Manager is automatically authorized to remove from, or add to, such Unit to its sales and marketing duties. Client agrees to quickly notify Manager of such changes.

Soon after commencement of this Agreement, Client will submit information about the Unit including descriptions, images and graphics sufficient to meet Manager’s website and print advertising requirements. Manager is also authorized to retrieve such information from the Client’s website and printed materials and use them in Manager’s advertising and rely on them for accuracy.

Client will submit a copy of the Guest Terms and Conditions under which it offers Unit for Rent including its cancellation policies. If not submitted, Manager may substitute its own Guest Terms and Conditions. In cases where a conflict exists between Manager’s and Client’s Terms and Conditions the more restrictive of them will apply. Unit Information, Client’s and Manager’s Terms and Conditions become an addendum to this Agreement.

(C) Minimum Standards. For effective operations and marketability, Manager requires that Unit possess certain features, amenities and services and are of a quality level satisfactory to Manager. Some of those include, but are not limited to all utilities, furniture, furnishings, appliances, lighting, telephone, supply inventory, amenities and such other items that Manager and Networks consider minimum standards. In the event that Manager determines any unit no longer meets its minimum standard, Manager may request improvements be made, or may cease marketing the Unit until such time as the Unit again meets those minimum standards

(D) Minimum Availability. Client will allow Manager reasonable opportunity to book all unoccupied dates in Unit. Client may black-out (Block) up to 25% of total Unit nights throughout the year and up to 50% of the high season and holiday dates. All other dates will be on a first-come, first-serve basis during which time Manager and Client will have equal opportunity to confirm and accept Bookings.

(4) CLIENT DUTIES. In consideration for Manager’s willingness to enter into this Agreement, Client agrees to:

(A) Access. Allow Manager’s Guests access to the lodging Unit during all times specified by Guests’ Confirmed Bookings with Manager and will provider Guests with valid keys and alarm codes to the Unit. Client agrees that it will not request or demand that Manager Guest Bookings be cancelled or altered except for valid reasons that prohibit the Client from renting Unit to anyone.

(B) Operations. Oversee the operations and administration of the Unit to ensure they are available for rent to Guests. Purchase and maintain stocks of all supplies needed to operate the Unit as a Lodging Rental and cause general and preventative maintenance and repairs to be performed on Unit to keep them in good rental condition. Provide guest services as necessary to allow guest access to Unit and attend to their needs. Cause the Unit to be thoroughly cleaned after Guest use making them readily available to later Guests. Manager may inspect the Unit after Clients’ Guest Use.

(C) Standards & Compliance. To keep Manager generally informed as to the condition and availability of the Unit, including condition of or changes to furniture, furnishings and amenities and to notify Manager should Unit deteriorate below their condition at the time the Agreement is signed; to notify Manager of any problems with the Unit or governing bodies such as government, homeowner associations or neighbors. Client may communicate with Guests during occupancy but may not then or later advertise to or solicit Bookings from them without Manager’s advance written approval. In the event that Unit deteriorate below Manager’s standards, Manager may without requiring Client’s approval, (1) cease offering the Unit for rent; or (2) transfer Bookings already accept for the Unit to other Unit selected by Manager; or (3) cancel Guests scheduled for the Unit.

(D) Future Bookings. Unless otherwise agreed in writing later, Client authorizes Manager to accept Bookings up to and through Fifteen (15) months into the future from the date a Booking is secured; except for dates which Client has specifically indicated as occupied or blacked-out. As an example, if a Booking is procured on January 1st occupancy may take place anytime up through march 15th of the following year. This 15 months period rolls into the future as time progresses.

(E) Designation. Designate a primary person with whom Manager should communicate for the purpose of scheduling the availability of the Unit and to also designate a secondary representative also authorized to make final decisions about availability, charges, and other matters..

(F) Failed Occupancy. In the event that a Unit becomes unavailable for dates that Manager has booked to guests ("Failed Occupancy"), Client will immediately notify Manager who together will attempt to find alternate lodging for the Guests. Client will not be obligated to Manager or Guests for Failed Occupancies which came about due to events beyond the reasonable control of Client such as Unit damage, weather or similar matters. But Client will compensate Manager for lost income for Failed Occupancies which come about due to Client errors or omissions, such as Client’s failure to keep Manager’s calendar up to date. Client will reimburse Manager for any commissions, penalties or fees Manager is obligated to pay to third parties due to failed bookings.

Likewise Manager will not be obligated to Client or Clients should a Failed Occupancy come about due to factors beyond the reasonable control of Manager such as failure of Guest to pay, weather or similar matters. But Manager will compensate Client for lost income for Failed Occupancy resulting from Manager errors or omissions.

(G) Regulations. Represents to the best of its knowledge, that Units are located in an area suitable for the purpose described in this Agreement that there is no prohibition against utilizing the Unit for that purpose by any governmental, home owners association or other party.

(H) Licensing. Is, or will become, licensed and authorized to conduct business in the geographic area in which the Unit is located on or before the first occupancy of the Unit, if required by law. Client authorizes Manager to utilize its mailing address for legal and marketing purposes. Client will promptly forward to Manager any mail it receives addressed to Manager.

(I) Unit Withdrawal. Client will immediately notify Manager if a Unit becomes or may become unavailable for rent ("Unit Withdrawal") such as for necessary repairs, for-sale listing of the Unit. Manager may, as it sees fit, continue its duties as defined herein or may elect to cease offering the Unit for rent until its future availability is determined. In the event that Clients is unable to honor Manager Bookings, Client agrees to search diligently for a comparable or better replacement, to notify Manager of such availability and coordinate with Manager to accommodate the guest preferably no additional cost to Guest. In the alternate Manager may move Guests to other accommodations as it sees fit. Client will not be liable to Manager for lost income Manager would have received had the unit not been withdrawn; however, Client will reimburse Manager for any damages Manager is obligated to pay guest for Unit Withdrawal.

(5) RENTAL RATES & COMMISSIONS. The rates that Manager charges its Guests for the rental of Client’s Unit will be determined and set as follows:

(A) Regular Rates. Soon after the initiation of the Agreement, and from time to time, Client will determine and notify Manager of the "Regular Rates" for the Unit that it charges to guests contacting it directly for Bookings. Client may revise Regular Rates by notifying Manager of such in writing. Changes to rates published on Client’s website may be relied upon by Manager as the current Regular Rates. Rates for current and past Bookings may not be altered once the Guest has entered into a contract with Manager.

(B) Discounted Rates. In the event that Client sees fit to offer programs, packages or discounts as "Discounted Rates," Client may, but is not obligated to offer them to Manager. If offered, Client will notify Manager of any limitations on offers such as ending dates, minimum occupancy and so forth. Manager may alters its rates to incorporate such offers and upon the same terms and conditions. Manager may also invite Client to participate in Manager’s programs, packages or discount offerings and if approved by Client, Manager may offer them upon the terms agreed.

(C) Negotiated Rates. From time to time, Guests may request and Manager may request lower "Negotiated Rates" from Client in order to secure orders for designated guests, groups, seasons or promotions. Client agrees to respond to such requests, but has no obligation to grant Negotiated Rates. If granted, Manager may offer or promote Negotiated Rates to Guests and such rates will expire after seven days or later if specified by Client; and be applicable on any special terms and conditions prescribed at the time of approval. For example: If a discounted rate is offered for a single guest then it will only be applicable to that guest. If for a group, then only for that group. If for groups of a certain size then for all groups of at least that size. If for a promotion then only for that promotion. If a guest accepts the Negotiated Rate prior to its expiration, Client agrees to honor such bookings if dates are available.

(D) Unit Charges. Client will notify Manager of all ancillary fees ("Unit Charges") that it charges to Guests, such as fees for pets, housekeeping, spa/pool use, additional guests, early checkin/late checkout, etc. Manager will include these in its pricing system, quote them to guests and include them in Confirmed Bookings. Food and Beverage, Group Charges, Activities and other such fees included in Guest’s Booking are included as Unit Charges.

(E) Exempt Charges. Charges made by guests during occupancy for Food and Beverage, activities, damages, overages and other fees are not commissionable by Manager.

(F) Manager Commission. As compensation for Manager’s duties, Client will allow Manager to take a Fifteen Percent (15%) discount ("Commission") from the all charges made to the Guest, except deposits, taxes, and reservation fees ("Gross Charges") after which Manager will remit to Client the Gross Charges less the Commissions ("Net Charges").

(G) Manager Rates. Manager may advertise and accept Regular Rates, Discounted Rates, or Negotiated Rates as is set for the time period (“Effective Rate”), but may also set rates which are higher than that as it sees fit. In the event Manager charges higher rates, Client agrees it will justify Manager’s rates to guests who question them, and the difference between the Actual Rate and the Effective Rate will be retained by Manager in full.

(H) Distribute Rates. Manager may authorize conventional and online travel agents, lodging and other websites, trade associations, wholesalers and other third parties (“Travel Agents”) to advertise the Units, and accept unit bookings procured by Manager. Manager will instruct travel agents to offer rates higher than the Regular, Discounted, Negotiated or Manager rates then in effect, and to compensate the Travel Agent with that increase.

(I) Overages. In the event that a Manager Guest incurs overages charges due to Client, Client will notify Manager who may, as it sees fit, (a) charge the Guest for such Charges and remit payment to Client or (b) provide the Guest’s credit card information to Client who may charge it for such charges; in which case the Client indemnifies Manager for any claims made by Guest..

(J) Deposits. Should Client require Manager to charge Guests a Damage Deposit ("Deposit"), Manager will collect and hold deposits in its common accounts. Client will have up to seven (7) days to notify Manager that it has determined the Guest is liable for additional charges (such as damages or theft that can be properly deducted from the Deposit) ("Overages") in which case Manager will forward the full Deposit to Client. The Client may then contact the Guest and determine the outcome, in which case the Client indemnifies Manager against any claims made by guest for the Deposit or any other charges Client makes to Guest. If Client does not notify Manager of a claim against the Deposit, Manager will return the Deposit to the Guest on or about fourteen (14) days after departure.

(K) Setup Fee. Should Client choose to have Manager undertake setup services, Manager may, at its option, deduct the setup fee from the Net Charges due Client. Payment of the Settlement fee does not authorize the Client to utilize any of Marketing Materials created by Manager, unless such use is specifically included and defined in writing and approved by both parties.

(L) Optional Services. Manager may make available any other service to Client as it sees fit at hourly rates, for estimates or firm bids as it sees fit. Client is not required, but may choose to utilize such services from Manager at the established prices and agrees to make payment within ten days of Manager submitting invoices; or Manager may choose to deduct payment for such services from any funds it owes owner. Should Client choose recurring services such as housekeeping, spa or pool cleaning, gardening or other services it agrees to give Manager reasonable notice prior to terminating them.

(M) Creative Materials. Manager may offer Client the Option of licensing some or all of Creative Materials Manager produces for the Unit for a specified Set-Up price. Should Client choose to pay the Set-Up fee, Client is authorized to use those materials for their personal Unit Websites, on advertising websites, in printed materials and in print advertising so long as the this Agreement remains in effect. Client may not use the materials for any other purpose, may not license or sell them to any other party and, upon termination of this Agreement Client will cease using the materials and destroy any copies in its possession.

(6) CALENDAR CONTROL. Guests prefer to make Bookings quickly and assuredly and are generally unwilling to wait while the Manager attempts to secure approval from Client before a Booking can be completed. To coordinate the smooth passage of Bookings and dates between Client and Manager, the parties agree to setup and conform to a Calendar Control system as later agreed by the parties:

(A) Manager Website Calendar. Client may logon to Manager’s Website and block out all dates that Client has booked directly with Guests as soon as possible but no less than 24 hours after when Client procured them; making those dates unavailable for Manager to book for Guests. All dates not so marked are to be considered available for Manager to book to Guests without prior approval of Client.

(B) Client’s Website Calendar. Client may authorize Manager to periodically logon to Client’s website and block out dates on Manager’s Calendar that display as unavailable on Client’s calendar; for which Client will pay Manager a monthly fee as indicated on the Agreement.

(C) Software Synchronization Calendar. Manager and Client may cause their technical staff or vendors to devise technology to synchronize the availability of dates between their software systems; for which Client agrees to pay Manager a flat fee as indicated in the Agreement. The purpose of synchronization is to cause the dates shown as available on Client’s software calendar to match those on Manager software calendar. Until such time as synchronization is operational, Client agrees to logon to Manager’s Website calendar to synchronize Client’s dates.

(D) Date Conflict. In the event that Manager notifies Client of a Booking for dates which are shown as unavailable on Manager’s web calendar, Client will have no obligation to accept the Booking. On the other hand, if Manager notifies Client of a Booking for dates which show as available on Manager’s calendar and Client is later unable to arrange occupancy for that Booking, then Client will be obligated to pay Manager the Commission.

(E) Technical Difficulties. In the event that technical difficulties cause the selected Calendar Control to become unavailable or unreliable, the parties agree to communicate verbally until the problem can be resolved or to select a new method from the methods above. In such case, Client will not be obligated to pay Manager the Commissions.

(7) SALES & CONTRACTING. Client authorizes Manager to pursue and procure Booking of Unit in Manager’s ordinary and usual sales methods. In specific:

(A) Authority. Client hereby appoints Manager on a non-exclusive basis, and Manager’s authorized representatives, as his true and lawful attorney in fact for him and in his name and for his use and benefit to issue and sign rental reservations to Guests of Unit.

(B) Networks. Client authorizes Manager to delegate portions of its duties to Networks of other companies not a party to this Agreement, which provides marketing, advertising, sales, accounting and other services to Manager. Marketing, advertising and other materials may feature the Manager’s or Network’s logo and identity. Manager is solely responsible for payment to the Network.

(C) Guest Payment Schedule. Manager will generally require Guests to make payment for Client Unit Bookings in accordance with the Client’s usual Guest Payment Schedule as indicated in writing by Client or as defined in Client’s website. Manager may require Guest pay sooner and may request verbal authorization from Client for later payments to instigate Bookings.

(D) Notification by Manager. Manager need not clear Bookings with Client prior to accepting them from Guests providing the Nights appear available according to the selected Calendar Control. Manager will, however, notify Client as quickly as possible, typically within 60 minutes but in no case less then 8 business hours after securing a Booking for Client’s Unit. Business hours are defined as times Manager’s telephones are open to the public. Notification will be made by email, fax or both as Manager decides and include the Guest Name Unit, Dates, Wholesale Rates or Net Charges, Fees and other charges as well as specific requests or instructions by the Guest such as provisions for pets, handicap access and so forth.

(E) Acknowledgment by Client. Client will respond to Manager Notice as quickly as possible, typically within 60 minutes but in no case less than 8 business hours after receiving a Booking Notice from Manager, acknowledging its receipt and accepting or rejecting the Booking. Business hours are defined as the times the Client’s office is open to the public for Bookings. Acknowledgement will be made by email or fax and include a valid explanation if rejected.

(F) First Come First Serve. All Bookings will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis and Client will not refuse Bookings for which it has the Unit or a reasonably comparable Unit available for rent. In case of a comparable Unit, Manager will have the right to reject the Unit and may choose to cancel the Booking with the Guest.

(G) Rejected Bookings. Bookings can only be rejected for the following reason: (1) if the Unit was booked prior to the date and time the Manager notice was received by Client; (2) If the Unit has subsequently become unavailable for reasons not associated with Bookings such as damage, weather, etc; (3) If rates on the Booking would result in payment to Client less than required under the Terms and Conditions section of this Agreement.; (4) If the guest or their invitees are listed on the Client’s Unwelcome guest list.

(H) Non Response. In the event that Client fails to accept or reject the Booking within 24 hours after notice, or Client rejects the order for any reason other than those noted above, Manager may (A) consider the Booking as acknowledged or (B) Cancel the Booking with guest and invoice Client for the Commission it would have earned on the Booking; and may deduct that amount from any other compensation Manager owes to Client..

(I) Procurement. In the case where a Guest contacts both the Client and Manager about the Unit, the party who first received the inquiry will be considered the procuring party and entitled to compensation described herein. Should it be determined by one party, that a Guest was previously in negotiations with the other, the second party will instruct the guest to negotiate with the first party to make a Booking. In the alternate, the second party may accept the Booking and forward it to the first party for handling, without receiving additional compensation for doing so.

(J) Extended or Later Bookings. The Relationship with Guests procured by Manager will be considered the property of Manager. Should a guest extend a stay with Client before or during occupancy, Client will charge the same rates to guest as Manager had quoted or sold and will remit the Commission to Manager. Should Manager’s Guests later contact Client directly to make other Bookings, and identify themselves as previously having booked Client’s Unit through Manager, Client will instruct them to contact Manager for Bookings or may accept the Booking and remit the Commission Manager.

(K) Contracts. Client approves Manager’s standard Guest Booking Agreement form for securing Guest rentals and other contracts or forms Manager customarily uses. Copies of Manager’s forms are available to Client for inspection and may be changed from time-to-time without notice, as Manager deems necessary. Generally Manager’s Guest Terms and Conditions indicate Bookings are not cancelable by Guests after being made. However, Manager maintain an unpublished policy that allows guests to cancel with reasonable cause, and without penalty up to 48 hours after Booking and Client agrees to allow cancellations which meet this policy. In addition, Manager may, at Guest’s request, attempt to resell guest’s previously contracted dates to third parties. If successful the guest receives a refund equal to the difference between their Booking charges and the income received from the replacement booking, less a re-sale fee charged and retained by Manager. Should the Booking not be resold then Guest is obligated to pay for the Booking and entitled to occupy the Unit.

(8) ACCOUNTING. Manager is authorized to account for the Unit’ income and expenses as follows:

(A) Bookkeeping. To collect rents, fees, deposits, taxes and other charges for the Unit (in the form of checks, cash, cashiers checks, credit cards, money orders, etc.) on behalf of Client for all rental activity Bookings procured during this Agreement are in effect. Receipts will be deposited into an operating account of Manager’s choosing and will be accounted for separately for the Unit but need not be deposited to a separate bank account designated for the Unit and may be mingled with those of other Unit booked by Manager. Interest on deposits, if any, accrues to Manager.

(B) Reporting. To remit to Client a cash based Financial Report on or about the 15th of each month, that will include a list of all Bookings for which the Manager’s guests were scheduled to depart up through the last day of the prior month. The Report will list Guests by name, arrival and departure dates, Net Rental Charges due Client, any adjustments or charges due Client from Manager or due Manager from Client such as credits from prior periods due to refunds, chargebacks, give backs, etc.

(C) Payment. Client will send payment for the Net Rental Charges, by check regular mail, on or about Friday each week for the prior week. Manager may elect to send payments by electronic transfer to Client’s bank account with Client’s understanding that such payments may take a week or more to move through the banking system. Manager will not be responsible for delays in the US Mail or the Banking System. Payments may also be delayed to provide for future reserves, possible charge backs, guest issues, staffing limitations, administrative time.

(D) Bad Debt, Chargebacks, Reversals. Manager will not be liable to Client for dishonored guest checks, stop payments, credit card chargebacks, forgeries or any similar event that results in non-payment. Whether discovered at the time of rental or later, such credits will be reversed on Client’s statements resulting in a lowering of the Client’s net proceeds. If no proceeds are due Client, then Client agrees to reimburse Manager such costs.

(E) Guest Payments. Manager’s Guest Agreement Terms generally obligate Guests for the payment of rent, housekeeping, deposits, damages, excess charges and so forth. It is Manager’s custom to require payment at time of Booking, but Manager may offer payment plans to guests providing payment in full is secured prior to the first date of occupancy.

(F) Payment Plans & Late Payments. In the event that Guests fail to make payments as required, Manager may, as it deems prudent, pursue collection by withholding funds from any Guest deposit, demanding payment from Guest or by charging Guest’s credit card(s). Manager may also terminate the Booking with the guest and Guest’s obligation for future payments will be determined by the Manager Guest Terms and Conditions. Manager will treat partially collected rents in the same manner as fully collected rents and may deduct its Commission from actual receipts for rent and will then forward the balance of the rental received to Client.

(G) Guest Collections. Manager will notify Client if it becomes necessary to submit a claim to a collection agency or attorney for action. ("Collection"). Client and Manager’s will contribute to the expense of Collection and share in sums collected in proportion to the percentages in which each shares in the Rental Income (the "Ratio"). Proceeds from Collection, if any, will first be applied in the following order: (1) to court costs, (2) to sums due for attorney and legal costs, (3) for collection agency fees (4) for Manager staff time to prepare and attend trial, and then (5) shared between Client and Manager’s according to the Ratio. In the event a Guest prevails against Manager or Client, Manager and Client shall pay the claim according to the Ratio. In the event one party chooses not to participate in Collection from any given Guest, they will not be required to pay their portion of the associated collection expenses and will forfeit their share of any Collection proceeds, but will nonetheless be obli gated to cooperate and assist with the other’s collection efforts. In no event shall Manager be liable to Client for uncollected rents, deposits or other charges so long as Manager has used reasonable effort and acted in good faith to collect.

(H) Emergency Expenses. In the unlikely event that Manager incurs emergency expenses necessary to deliver occupancy of the Unit, which are normally provided by Client, Manager is authorized to disbursement payment for them and to deduct the payment from the Client’s account. Manager is not obligated to disburse funds of any kind for Client greater than those received for and held by Manager on behalf of Client. Emergency expenses are defined as unavoidable costs, discounts or refunds required to fulfill the agreements made to guests. For example, if a Client fails to provide lodging when a guest arrives and Manager is forced to provide alternate lodging at a higher price, then the difference between Guest payment and the alternate lodging.

(I) Merchant Fees. Manager is authorized to accept Checks and Credit Cards for payment of Bookings for Unit. When payment is by Credit Card causing Manager to incur a Merchant Account fee, Manager may choose to add a Reservation Fee to Guest to offset that cost. In no case is the Client obligated to incur the Merchant Account fee but may do so by later mutual agreement of the parties on a case by case basis.

(J) Chargebacks & Bad Checks. In the event that a Chargeback, refused check or other payment causes Manager to lose funds on any Booking for which funds have been previously paid to Wholesale, Client agrees to immediately reimburse Manager for its portion of the payment; or Manager may, as it sees fit, withhold such amounts from any sums that it may coincidentally owe to Client. If Manager secures reversal of chargebacks, refused checks or other loss of funds, Manager will reissue payment to Client. In no case will the Manager be obligated to Client should a chargeback be refused or refused check or other charge be incurred by Manager

(K) Taxes, Fees and Other Charges. As part of its duties, Manager will charge and collect from Guests all taxes specified by Client or applicable regulations. Those amounts will be retained in Manager’s account and disbursed as required to governmental authorities. There will be no markup, fee or charge due Manager for collecting these amounts.

(9) COMPETITION. Although Manager books Units for its principals, owners and other Clients that may be competitive with Client’s Unit, Manager and Client agree that marketing multiple Unit together is a desirable way to seek prospective Guests, greater occupancy and increased income for all Unit. Therefore, Manager’s marketing generally includes reference to resort areas first, to area Unit in general second and then, sometimes, to individual Unit third. Manager reserves the right to match Guests rental criteria to Unit as it sees fit. Client agrees that Manager’s services to other Unit will not be considered a conflict of interest. Client will not communicate with Guests before, during or after occupancy without the approval of Manager.

(10) OTHER MANAGER SERVICES. It is understood that Manager may offer and provide services to Guests other than for rental of Client’s Unit. Other Services may include individual or group activities, lessons, airfare, auto rental, tours, travel insurance, merchandise, concierge service and other related services. Manager may also assess Guests with resale fees, penalties, damages and other charges. Client agrees that Manager will receive all the compensation for such. Client does not share in the income, expense or profit for Other Manager Services.

(11) CONFIDENTIALITY. Client authorizes Manager to reveal and discuss the name, location, address, features, benefits, operations and attributes of the Unit, its resort, neighborhood and location to prospective guests, vendors, employees, other Clients and other parties as Manager deems necessary to accomplish its duties. Both parties agree, however, to hold the details of this agreement (but not its existence) and their working relationship, such as but not limited to term of the Agreement, compensation, revenue, occupancy, rates achieved, operating expenses as confidential during and after the term of the Agreement and for a period of sixty months thereafter; and only share such information with their employees, financial or legal counsel or as may be required by law or litigation. Further, each party agrees not to interfere in the operation of the other’s business at any time before or after this Agreement; nor to engage employees of the other for a period of 36 months after the termination of this Agreement.

(12) NON-INTERFERENCE. Client agrees not to interfere in the operation of the Manager’s business at any time, will not communicate directly with Guests, and will not post comments, complaints or opinions to websites, third party reporting organizations, or to government authorities without the expressed written consent of Manager. Manager is not obligated to reveal the identities, contact or financial information of guests; and Client agrees not to communicate with nor interfere with Manager’s relationship with Guests. Client agrees that during the Agreement and for a period of 36 months after the termination of the Agreement, Client will not hire individuals who were employees of Manager during the term of the Agreement, or were independent contractors or companies which accepted compensation from Manager during the term of the Agreement. If Client does so, Client will pay Manager an amount equal the employees, contractors or company’s average actual or anticipated monthly compensation from Manager multiplied times 36 months.

(13) INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. Manager, Networks or their vendors own, or have been granted permission to use all marketing creative and copyrighted materials they purchase, license or produce such as but not limited to, brochures, flyers, signs, notices, images, drawings, photos, videos, maps, names, writing, phone numbers, domain names, websites, email addresses, as well as print, broadcast, internet and other marketing that it creates and grants no license to Client for current or future use. Client agrees not to communicate with Manager’s vendors. Should Client, or others under their control, use copyrighted material, without Manager’s prior written approval, Client agrees to pay Manager as specified under Copyright Law with each image, writing or other copyrighted to be considered a separate Work. Client grants Manager and Networks an irrevocable license to utilize any brochures, flyers, signs, notices, images, drawings, photos, videos, maps, names, writing, phone numbers, domain names, websites, email addresses, print, broadcast, internet, and other marketing materials that Client provides, or that Manager secures from Client’s website, printed materials, third party sources or elsewhere. Client warrants that it has legal right to utilize such items, agrees Manager may use all such materials and content, whether created by Manager or provided by Client during and after the term of the Agreement. Client indemnifies Manager from costs incurred to defend

against copyright claims made by third parties, and agrees to immediately pay Manager for all such costs.

(14) LIABILITY: In pursuing its duties, Manager agrees to use its professional judgment, experience, good efforts with the intent of producing a successful outcome for the Client such as pursuing high financial results, quality onsite operations, good housekeeping and maintenance, and satisfactory guest services and relations. In return, Manager will not be held responsible for errors, oversights or costs caused by its actions providing such actions are taken with care and good judgment and for the benefit of the Complex and without undue financial gain to Manager. It is understood that serving the public entails dealing with customers not all of whom are reliable, trustworthy or satisfiable. Client acknowledges that it is impossible for Manager to achieve perfect satisfaction in dealing with the public.

(15) MINIMUM TERM. This Agreement commences on the date of, and for a minimum of twelve (12) months, and renews for an additoinal on eyear term, on the anniversay unless cancelled by either party giving at elast upon 90 days notice one to the other prior to the anniversary date. In all cases, notice must be via certified and regular mail (not email). All Bookings made prior to the termination date, including dates after the termination date, shall be honored by Client.

(A) Termination at Completion. If the Agreement is terminated as provided for in this Agreement, Manager will be allowed to continue all its duties until the date of termination including the right to accept Lodging Bookings prior to and after the date of termination. For those dates that were reserved prior to the termination date, for which occupancy takes places after the date of termination, Client agrees to allow occupancy to take place and will allow Manager to continue to perform all its duties related to those Guests and receive the corresponding compensation. Because guests may later demand refunds for reasons unknown to Manager, after the termination of the Agreement Manager may withhold Client payments for the last three months in which Bookings take place, for up to ninety days after the last date of occupancy; or longer if possible guest or other disputes remain unsettled.

(B) Termination for Breach. In the event one party believes the other has acted in any way which breaches this Contract, that party will notify the other by regular and certified mail describing the breach in detail, and specifying the actions required to cure the breach. The other party may complete actions to resolve the described breach or may respond to first party disputing the facts of the breach. In any case, the other party will be allowed at least thirty days (30) days to resolve the breach (Longer if curing the beach can not reasonably be completed within thirty (30) days.) or notify the first party of action taken. If the other party fails to take reasonable action to cure the breach then the first party may submit the matter according to the Dispute Resolution provisions of this Agreement.

(D) Unit Sale or Transfer. The obligations of the Client under this Agreement transfer to the new owner upon sale, foreclosure or other transfer of the Unit. Client agrees to notify parties with whom it discusses sale of the Unit (such as real estate agents and prospective buyers) of the existence and nature of the Agreement and to require buyers to honor the Agreement through the end of the minimum term, including the obligation to honor Lodging Bookings reservations made during the term of the Agreement for dates occurring after the sale of the Unit.

Client will immediately notify Manager if it elects to offer the Unit for sale, if it accepts an offer to sell the Unit, if Client receives notice of Foreclosure, or Client plans to transfer or change Unit Ownership in anyway, so that Manager may determine how and how and whether to proceed with future Lodging Bookings. At that time, Manager may continue its duties as defined herein, may cease offering the Unit for date far into the future, or may cease offering the Unit, for Guest Lodging.

Manager is not obligated to move Guests to alternate lodging or to cancel Bookings either before or after a sale. However, Client agrees to reimburse Manager for all costs or damages Manager incurs in canceling such Bookings or in moving Guests to alternate accommodations.

(E) Mutual Termination. Client may request an early termination of the Agreement prior to the minimum term of the Agreement, or the end of the current extension and if accepted by Manager, Client will pay Manager a “Short Rate Fee”; and any other expenses and costs Manager may incur, and Lodging Service Fees Manager will lose, due to the early cancellation. The Short Rate Fee will be calculated as the difference between the Lodging Service Fees Manager has charged to the date of termination, and what the Lodging Service Fees would have been, if calculated at Manager’s Monthly Lodging Service Fee Rate that was in effect when the Agreement commenced, plus an additional ten percent of the result.


(A) Time. Time is of the essence in this Agreement.

(B) Subrogation Waiver. Client and Manager hereby releases and relieves the other and waives entire right of recovery against the other for loss or damage arising out of, or incident to, the perils described in standard fire insurance policies and all perils described in an "Extended Coverage” insurance endorsement approved for the use in State where the Unit are located, whether due to the negligence of either party, their agents, employees, sub-contractors, vendors or otherwise.

(C) Waiver. The failure to enforce any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement or subsequent agreement between the parties hereto, by either party, will not be construed as a waiver of those provisions. If any term of this Agreement or subsequent agreements is invalid, illegal or unenforced by either party, all other conditions and provisions of the Agreement will nevertheless remain in full force and effect.

(D) Entire Agreement. This Agreement constitutes the final and complete understanding between the parties hereto and that no other representations or promises, verbal or otherwise, have been made.

(E) Modifications. No change, addition or erasure of any portion of this Agreement will be valid or binding upon either party. Any modifications to this Agreement will be in writing, dated and signed by both parties. This Agreement supersedes all previous agreements between the parties.

(F) Transferability. This Agreement is transferable at the initiation of Manager to any business or individual providing it determines has adequate industry training, comprehension and capabilities.

(G) Authority. The parties each represent and warrant that they have full power and actual authority to enter into this Agreement and carry out all actions required of them by this Agreement. All persons executing this Agreement in representative capacities represent and warrant that they have full power and authority to bind the party for whom they are signing. Guest understands that Manager or employees of Manager may be licensed real estate agents and, if so, are not acting as agents of Client or Guests.

(H) Breach. In the event one party believes the other has acted in any way which breaches this Contract, that party will notify the other by regular and certified mail describing the breach in detail, and specifying the actions required to cure the breach. The other party will make haste to resolve the described breach or may respond to first party disputing the breach. In any case, the other party will be allowed at least thirty days (30) days to resolve the breach and notify the first party of action taken. If the Other party fails to take reasonable action to cure the breach then the first party may unilaterally terminate this agreement.

(I) Counterparts. This Agreement may be executed in any number of identical counterparts, notwithstanding that all parties have signed the same counterpart, with the same affect as if all parties had signed the same document. All counterparts will be construed as part of, and will constitute the same agreement.

(J) Full Understanding. The parties each acknowledge, represent, and agree that they have read this Agreement and any riders attached hereto, that they fully understand the terms thereof, that they have been fully advised by their legal counsel, accountants and other advisors, with respect thereto, and that this Agreement and any exhibits are executed by them upon the advice and recommendation and with approval of their independent legal counsel.

(K) Litigation. This Agreement will be governed in accordance with the laws of the State of Washington, King County. Any controversy or claim, arising out of or relating to this Agreement or breach thereof will be settled there. In the event of litigation or collection agency action, the non-prevailing party will pay the prevailing parties costs, collection agency fees and costs, legal fees and costs and post judgment interest at twelve percent (12%) per annum.

End of Terms & Conditions.

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